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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kacer Babes!

For most of his life, Kace has been along for the ride following the other kids to their activities. This summer he was finally old enough to start playing tee-ball. He was a little more excited about this than me. That just adds one more thing to my list of things to do. He loves it. And he is pretty darn fun to watch. He's full of smack talk. (Don't know where he gets that from!) You can tell he has older siblings that he has watched before, because unlike most of the other kids in the league, he actually knew what to do with the ball if it came to him. He was very annoyed that he could only run one base on a hit....unless he was the last batter. The last batter always ran a home run. He was also annoyed if he actually got an out on a base and the runner didn't have to leave the field. I think he'll be ready for Pee Wee next year.

Check out that form!

Doesn't that make you want to just squeeze those cute little cheeks? We sure love this kid!

This is Kace jumping off a stairway at Shoshone Falls. He is just as big as everybody else and he's always out to prove it.
How handsome is that? This was the boys "patiently" waiting for Mataia to compete at State Track. We rewarded them with a dip in the pool at the hotel and dinner at Tucanos later that night.

At the end of the school year, the kindergarten class took a field trip to Idaho Falls to Tauphus Park Zoo. It was crazy! I swear every other kindergarten class in the whole valley was there that day, too. From my experience with my other kids on this field trip, I knew if I didn't want my kid to get lost in the shuffle, then I better volunteer to go. His class alone has 30 kids in it. So needless to say, I had my hands full just keeping track of him. He had fun, though. The above picture is of him and couple of his buddies on a toy in a play area of the zoo.
Look closely and you will see the cutest lil' eggplant ever! Yes, Kace was an eggplant in his Veggie Program at Kindergarten graduation. He had to learn two speaking parts that he recited with ease. Grandma Patti helped him with his eggplant costume and it was perfect!

Kace graduated from Kindergarten and we were very proud of him. He was such a handsome guy in his graduation cap!

When we went to Provo for the sports camps with the other kids, Kace and my niece, Libbie got some "mommy time" while the other kids were in camps. We found this really neat park near the temple in Provo that had this creek running through it. We waded in the water there. It was a great week filled with lots of fun!

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