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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Let the fun begin!

So the crazy back to school schedule has begun at our house.  But we like it! We thrive on a schedule.  I like knowing where we're going and what we got going on.  I don't know what that says about me, but I accept whatever that means for me.  I'm not saying that life has slowed down at all, but now we just know what's coming our way.   

So the other day, Kace and the neighbor boy, Preston come in from playing outside and ask to do "that stomach video."  (Yes, I know my abs are not in P90X condition right now, but hey, ya gotta start somewhere, right?)  He and Chad had done the P90X Ab Ripper video with me the day before.  It's a killer.  So I was cracking up.  I humored them and myself by putting it in.  They both proceeded to take their shirts off.  Oh, the smack talk!  I've never heard so much from a couple of six year olds.  It was pretty funny!  They lasted less than five minutes, but long enough for me to get this cute pic.  Funny boys!

Kace is the only one in the house that hasn't had his first game of the season.  It is about to kill him.  His ego is bigger than the rest of the kids combined.  I know that's hard to imagine and I know that there is no question as to where he gets that from....cough, cough....Jeff.  It's pretty cute right now while he's little.  I just hope that someday he's able to back it up, or he might just get his butt kicked one of these days.  Jeff is his coach and they always practice at our house in the playing field in our yard.  Last week, while the weather is still nice, Jeff flooded the field and they played water football for practice.  They loved it!  That always makes for a good time.  This is Kace trying to outrun Preston.  Didn't make it, but they both ended up in the water giggling. 

Morgan had her first games yesterday at Taylorview Junior High in Idaho Falls.  They played Taylorview and Rocky Mountain.  Unfortunately, they lost both matches.  Morgan played well, though.  She is playing the position of libero.  She is really liking it and having lots of fun.  Since I forgot my camera yesterday, there are no pix of her in action yet.  This picture below is the one I used when I helped decorate the team's lockers before game day. 

On a side note about Morgan......a couple of weeks ago in church our young women sang a special musical number during sacrament meeting.  We had two different people come up and tell us that they didn't even recognize Morgan on the stand.  She had her hair down and straightened real pretty and she just looked grown up.  She is turning into quite a beautiful little lady.  She is loving Madison Junior High and has lots of friends.  She is in an Advanced English/Reading class that is right up her alley!  The reading list that she brought home, boggles my mind.  They are going to be reading LOTS of books, most of which I read in high school or later.  It's fun to watch her excel. 

This is a picture of Chad's football team before their first game.  The first game they lost.  We won't go into how bad the ref was....well maybe just for a second.  So Chad's team ran a play where the quarterback faked the ball to Chad and then ran outside.  Well, the fake was so good that the ref on the sideline blew his whistle and thought Chad had the ball under a pile of kids.  What he missed was our quarterback standing in the end zone with the football.   We lost by a touchdown.   I've never felt so much testosterone in all my life as I did that game standing on the sidelines surrounded by dads.  Wow!  I've never experienced football like this.  I think there's a reason why the stands are up and off the field.  I'll look forward to that day when I can sit in the stands and not right next to the field. But for now I'm enjoying it more than I thought I would.  As long as Chad doesn't get hurt.  He's pretty proud of his bruises.  It must be a guy thing....I don't get it.  But he is LOVING it!  Last night they beat Sandcreek 31-0 and Chad had 3 touchdowns!  He played so good.  I was a pretty proud mom and Jeff, well you can only imagine how proud he was!  

This is Taia serving the ball in her first varsity volleyball game as a Sophomore.  They played Idaho Falls and lost.  She played well, but they have some kinks to work out in their rotation.  So tonight they play Shelley and they are changing things up.  She might not be setting, she may be passing.  Passing was the problem last week.  She doesn't really care, she just wants to go to state.  So whatever she can do to help the team get there!  She just loves to play and she loves her team.  

The picture below is of her team at the fundraiser last Saturday.  They had a car wash and garage sale.  They made over $1000.  They felt pretty good about that.  They had fun doing it, too.  It was a lot of work, but worth it in the end.  What a bunch of hard working, fun girls! 

Life is Good!

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