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Thursday, August 11, 2011


(So since my last post.....I was trying to make a post on each of the boys, like I did for the girls. I didn't get it done because my computer freaked out on me and then I ran out of time. So better late than never....here's the update on Chad from this summer.)

On our trip to Boise for State Track we ate at one of our favorite Restaurants, Tucanos. Chad was brave and ate one of the chicken hearts on a dare from the rest of us. It was pretty funny to watch. He didn't like it, but he got it down. Funny stuff!
When we stopped in Hagerman, on our way home from Boise, Jeff was teasing the boys with this skull replica from some ancient animal that had huge jaws and long teeth!

Chad also went to Provo with us and attended the BYU football camp. He was really excited to get to play at Lavell Edwards Stadium. We have been there to watch games several times, so it was a real treat to play on the same field. It was a great week! He attended the camp with my nephew, Nathan.

He also played on a rec league baseball team. They started out a little slow at the beginning of the season, but ended up taking third place in the tournament. That was a lot of fun, even thought the weather was terrible for 90% of the games. He still had fun! Then he played on a traveling team that went to 3 more tournaments. They were not very successful in the amount of wins that they got, but it was a good experience and Chad improved a lot. The best part of that was that the weather had finally turned decent.
At the end of the school year, Chad was the lead in his school play. He was Tiger Shark. His friend and cousin, Kaiden was the Great White shark. They both did a great job memorizing a whole bunch of lines and acting their part. I was pretty proud of him!

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