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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow, Nails, Babies, and the Temple!

Today we woke up to 4 new inches of snow, according to Chad and his trusty ruler. I'm really trying to see the hand of God in that. In reality, I'm done with winter. I just wish winter would get done with me. I have to admit, it is beautiful to see the freshly fallen snow on the trees outside. The sun did come out later in the day and it turned out to be a pretty nice day.

I got to visit with a good friend while she did my nails. There is something about getting your nails done that makes you feel real good! And it's always nice to have a good chat with an old friend. Then I came home and made cinnamon rolls and enchiladas for dinner. I'm thankful for food on the table!

I'm also thankful for nieces and nephews. I went next door and loved on my newest nephew for a few minutes. He is truly straight from Heaven! He is extremely tiny right now and it's amazing that his little body functions the way it is supposed to when he is that small (5 pounds 10 ounces as of yesterday.) There is nothing like a newborn baby. I love the way they smell, the way they move, how tiny their little fingers and toes are and pretty much everything about them.

And tonight I get to spend some time with my brother, Coy's kids. Our ward gets to take the youth to the temple tonight. So Jeff, Coy and Emilee went as youth leaders and Mataia and Morgan got to go. So Wyatt, Bailee, Creed and Bowen are here with me and the boys tonight. We are so blessed to have a temple so close! I love going and feeling the spirit that is so strong there. I know when I have something troubling me, I can go to the temple and seek guidance. I love looking out our upstairs window on a clear night and seeing the temple shining so brightly on the hill in Rexburg! I love the temple! I think I'll go tomorrow!

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