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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Blog!

I am starting this new blog with a new purpose. My motto is "Life is Good." Sometimes, maybe we have a bad day. But in the big picture of things, life is always good. I have a sign that hangs in my kitchen that says "Life is Good." (Thanks to a thoughtful sister-in-law, Emilee, who saw it in a store once and thought of me.) When I see it every morning I am reminded of all the good things I have in my life. I give credit to a loving Father in Heaven for all good things I have in my life. I am planning to post to this blog regularly. (We'll see how I do!) They may be short posts and they may be posts that would bore you. So if you choose to follow this blog, you have been forewarned. I want this to be a sort of journal for myself and my family. At the end of the year, I will turn this into a book that we can keep and reflect on.

A few years ago in General Conference for our church, Elder Henry B. Eyring gave an address that made a good impression on me. He talked about reflecting on and recording experiences we had in our everyday lives. He encouraged us to look for ways God had reached out to us each day. That's what I want to do with this blog. I am a Mormon and my faith is a huge part of my life. The two most important things in my life are my family and my faith. I would do anything for both of them. Hopefully, that will show in my posts. You can read his entire address at: http://lds.org/general-conference/2007/10/o-remember-remember?lang=eng&query=o+remember+remember ">

Or you can watch a short clip here:

I love Elder Eyring! I hope you enjoy this blog and I hope that through this, I will reflect more often on what my Father in Heaven and His son, Jesus Christ do for me each day.

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