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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Women's Conference, Boise and more Baseball!

I was able to go to Provo for BYU's annual Women's Conference last weekend with my mom and my sister. We had a great time. It was nice to get away and relax and laugh and just enjoy each other's company. I could write ten pages on all the things that I learned, but I won't. What I did find interesting was that the same scripture came up in several different classes on different topics. This told me that maybe I ought to take a little closer look at what this scripture means to me.

The scripture was Ether 12:27, which is found in the Book of Mormon. It reads, "And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them." Where do I even begin to list all of my weaknesses? I can think of many areas of my life where I am weak. What this scripture tells me is that if I will go to the Lord in humble prayer, when I am feeling weak, unworthy, helpless, frustrated, angry or otherwise, then He will help me become strong. If we will allow God to be part of our lives, by going to Him in prayer for guidance, He will help us through any trials that we may have. Another saying the I heard in two separate classes on two different topics, was that "when we are filled with the Spirit, our trials are not trials." Now that may be hard to understand, but I think when we are living worthy of having the Spirit in our lives, then our trials and hardships become easier to get through. Having the Spirit in our lives makes us strong.

Heavenly Father doesn't put trials and struggling situations in our lives to punish us. He does so to try us and allow us to grow. We must do the best we can and then rely on the Lord for the rest. I love Women's Conference and always come home renewed and ready to try and be a better mom, a better wife and a better friend.

Jeff also loves it when I go to Women's Conference - he must, because I've gone the last two or three years on our anniversary. It's unfortunate that it always falls on the same weekend. I look at it as our gift to each other for our anniversary. (I guess Jeff buys that, too.) As of last week, we have been married for 17 years. 17 years!!! How did that happen? I'm not sure, but it's been great and I wouldn't trade him for anything or anyone. He's my best friend and I love him more everyday.

Since we've been married that long, I guess it just makes sense that I have a daughter old enough to be done with Driver's Ed. Scary! Mataia got her permit last week and is really enjoying driving around. I have to admit, it's kinda nice to have her be my chauffeur for a change. She has to drive with an adult in the car until October and then she will get her real license. She's a good driver and I trust her, but it's still scary. My memories of me and my friends driving as teenagers is still fresh on my mind and that doesn't help at all.

Last weekend while I was in Provo, Jeff took Morgan and some her teammates to Boise to a volleyball tournament. They had a great time and her team took 4th place. She is done with Club Volleyball now and is gearing up for Softball season. Her team has been practicing and she starts games next week. We are all excited about that!

Mataia was also in Boise last weekend for the YMCA track meet. (So Jeff split his time between volleyball and track.) She had qualified to compete in the High Jump, the Open 100 and the 4 X 100 relay. She missed the final in the Open 100 by .04 of a second and she didn't qualify for the final in the High Jump. But her 4 X 100 relay team took second overall. Most importantly, she had a great time. It was a good experience for her to compete at a big invitational track meet like that. She has one more track meet at home this weekend and then Districts are next week. We are headed to Boise again this weekend for a volleyball tournament for her team.

This is Mataia at the YMCA track meet last weekend doing the High Jump.

Chad's baseball team is doing well. I think we might have found his real love! He can't get enough. Last night Jeff was outside playing catch with him and he never wanted to quit. He wanted to hit bucket after bucket of balls, field pop flies and then grounders and then start all over again. Jeff finally made him come in when it was almost time for bed. It's fun to watch!

I think part of why Chad loves baseball is because Jeff is his coach. This picture is of Jeff reading off the lineup to his team. He loves coaching and has displayed an unbelievable amount of patience so far. I'm the official score keeper and Kace is the cutest bat boy ever.

Once again, here's Chad trying to keep warm between innings. I'm going to try and get some pictures of him actually playing today. Today is the first day that it is supposed to be nice - 65 degrees and hopefully no wind!

The school year seems to be winding down quickly. We are starting in to the end of the year concerts tonight. I'm helping Chad's class with their play. He has his first leading role as "Tiger Shark." It's a cute play on being a friend. At first, Chad was NOT going to do it. I let him have his one melt down and didn't really address it again. When I went to help for the first time this week, I was surprised to learn that he knew all of his speaking parts. He's doing a great job! Kace will not quit listening to the CD of songs his teacher sent home for them to practice for their Kindergarten graduation program. I'm afraid the whole family will have his songs memorized by the time it gets here. He's a cutie! And tonight I have a registration meeting for all incoming Sophomores at the High School. Ahhh! Sophomores! Morgan already registered for Jr. High last week. I must be getting old. I just love every minute of being a mom, even though those moments are going by so fast! Life is Good!

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