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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

To Boise and Back!

We have another fun-filled, run like crazy week behind us! Last weekend the whole family headed to Boise to watch Mataia compete at State Track. We were so proud of her. She qualified to compete in the Open 100m, High Jump and the Medley Relay. Her Medley Relay took 4th place and so they came home with a medal. She didn't place in the other two events, but she still did well and we all had a great time. She rode the bus over with her teammates on Wednesday and stayed with the team. The rest of us came over on Thursday morning. We had a lot of fun. Chad earned a Family Travel belt loop for Cub Scouts as he learned about gas mileage and traveling. He pointed out different sites of interest along the way.

This is Chad and Kace at Bronco Stadium in Boise as we wait for Taia to take her turn High Jumping. Following the girls to their sporting activities is not one of their favorite things to do. But they were troopers as we all cheered her on. We rewarded them with a swim in the pool at the hotel later that night.
In this picture we are waiting for her Medley Relay to start. It was a fairly nice day. There was a little more breeze than I would have liked, but at least it was warm.
This was Mataia with her team before they got on the travel bus to head for Boise. What a great group of kids. She had lots of fun and said how she is really going to miss the Seniors next year. The kids have been so accepting of her this year as a new student and I'm so grateful for that. Her and Morgan have both made some really great friends.
This is her team on the podium receiving their 4th place medals in the Medley Relay.

On our way home from Boise we decided to take a little side trip and go a scenic route. As the girls were both in 4th grade, they studied Idaho History. Well, a little known fact is that the Idaho State Fossil is the Hagerman Horse. Everytime we drive by the Hagerman exit, we always say, "Someday when we have time, we are going to stop and see that." Well, Friday was the day. We pulled off in Hagerman and stopped at the information center for the Hagerman horse fossil. I won't lie, I was a little disappointed. It was just a fossil that had been pieced together in a tiny museum. We could have driven 12 miles out to the site where it was discovered, but the lady said there really isn't anything there to see. So we chose not to do that. But we did stay on this little highway that took us through Buhl over to Twin Falls. Along the way we saw this place called Thousand Springs. The water literally comes right out of the side of some cliffs (in about 1000 places, hence the name.) It was beautiful country. When we got to Buhl we stopped and asked where the locals' favorite place to eat was. We were directed to this little gas station that had a restaurant inside of it. We were a little leary, but since we were hungry and being a little adventurous, we decided to try it. We were not disappointed. We ate some yummy burgers and homemade french fries. We had also been told about a local creamery that made their own ice cream. So we couldn't pass that up. Once again, it did not disappoint. Who knew Buhl had so many little gems? If you're ever looking for a nice little side trip on your way to or from Boise, we recommend this route!

Another place we have always wanted to stop at is Shoshone Falls. This is another piece of Idaho History that we always pass by. Once again, worth the stop! Since the water in the rivers around here are so high with spring runoff, it was beautiful! The power of the water was just amazing. We were standing on the observation deck above the falls and we were getting wet from the force of the water. From what I've heard from others who have seen it at different times of the year, we got a treat. They are nicknamed the Niagara Falls of the West.
This was the kids and I on the observation deck, getting sprinkled with water.

For the last month or so, I have been going to the elementary school to help with Chad's play, Go Fish. He was the lead character, Tiger Shark. He knew his lines so well and did such a great job. Grandma Crapo helped design and make his costume. He looked pretty sharp! The girls got out of school a couple hours early to come and watch him.

Since the rain is relentless today, Morgan's softball game was cancelled for tonight. She took the opportunity to do a little baking while she was home with nowhere to go! She made these yummy vanilla cupcakes with a new delicious frosting recipe, topped with fresh strawberries. Her future husband is going to be one lucky guy who will never go hungry! She really has a gift and I'm thankful for all the help she gives me in the kitchen.

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