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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Spud Harvest - A Family Affair!

The annual Spud Harvest has been a part of my family my entire life. It is part of life on the farm. We grew up riding in the truck until we were old enough to pick off the digger or in the pit and then moved up to driving truck. (The boys moved up to driving the diggers.) It really taught us how to work and be responsible. I'm grateful we live close enough that my kids can experience this, too. When I was a kid, I started driving truck when I was 12. It's hard to believe that now. It was hard for me to watch Mataia drive truck for her first time this year and she is 15! She and my mom traded off driving the same truck. This worked out well so that Mataia could still make it to her volleyball games and practices and mom had some time to help feed the crew and stay caught up at home. She did pretty good and she loved it.

Morgan picked in the pit with her cousin, Peytan and our friend, Emily Chelson (and others.) I think they had more fun than should be allowed on a work crew. My cousin Cade was around the farm making sure everything ran smoothly and she got to know Cade really well. They have some ongoing inside jokes that still continue everytime they see each other. He's a fun guy and it was fun for her to get to know him a little better.

Chad worked as often as he could. He was a trooper! He wanted to be the first one there and the last one to leave. He is a hard worker for such a young kid. They worked 10-15 hour days many days and he loved it! He's a very frugal kid and I think he could see his paycheck rise with each passing hour. That's the joy of being the owner's grandkids! You can work even when you're not really old enough. Kace wanted to work more than we let him. He mostly rode in the truck with Taia or my mom and picked in the pit when they unloaded. He loved it, too.

I love Spud Harvest!

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