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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fun Times With the Girls

We have had a great weekend so far! Jeff took the afternoon off yesterday and we came to Boise to watch the Madison boys basketball team in the State Tournament. We brought the girls and left the boys home with my parents. (The boys are not really basketball fans, yet.) Morgan brought a friend, and we also brought my nephew, Foster. We have had some really fun times - several times we were laughing almost to tears!

I have mentioned a couple times how much I love little babies, and it's true. But I love teenagers, too! There is something fun about kids at each stage in life and I'm just trying to enjoy each stage. It's fun to watch Taia with her friends cheering for their team! (Madison fans are crazy! They call the student section, the "Madison Maniacs" - and they live up to their name! They have great school spirit and tonight was no different as they won the 4A State tournament! They won by two points in overtime and it was a great game!)

We went to the mall today and we could actually split up and let the kids go where they wanted and not have to worry about babysitting them. I don't need to remember the diaper bag. (Although we still need wet-wipes!) When they need to use the restroom, we can let them go by themselves. When I want a drink during the game, we can send Morgan (and she likes it.) When they throw up, they make it to the toilet and don't do it all over the bed, the floor or your shirt! We can let them swim at the hotel by themselves and not have to worry about them getting in over their heads. There are a lot of nice things about traveling with older kids. And they are FUNNY! Even funnier when their dad is the leader of the funny stuff. I told them I felt like I brought 5 kids to Boise! I thought we were going to get kicked out of the restaurant last night....and the night is still young. I'm not sure we won't get kicked out of the hotel still tonight. One thing is for sure - we are making memories and having a great time! We needed this little get away. Not to mention that there is no snow in Boise! It has been raining today, but I can handle that. I wish we were not going home to 3 feet of snow! (Remind me again why we live in Southeast Idaho, where winter lasts forever!)

It's not all easy traveling with teenagers, though. They cost more and they take up more space! None of these kids want to eat off the kids menu anymore. We can't throw three of them in the same bed very easily, either. But, it's ok. They are growing up too fast, so I will overlook those things and just be glad they still want to travel with us!

I'm also thankful for good parents who are willing to help with my boys. We have missed the boys, but know they are in good hands with Grandma and Grandpa. They were really looking forward to staying with them. Their house is always fun and since Braxton was here in Boise they had free reign of the Wii, the TV and probably his bed! And Grandma always has lots of food and treats!

God has blessed me with a great family and I'm thankful for each of them! What would life be without family?

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