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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Periodic Table of Elements - (my post for yesterday)

I'm really trying to stretch here and see the hand of God in the Periodic Table of Elements.....I just can't do it. Maybe in your life it is important and meaningful. In my life, I want to learn just enough about it to get through my current Science class and more immediately, my upcoming test. Then I'm back to MY reality. I do believe that Science goes hand in hand with God, (although, I'm sure there are many who would disagree with that.) I just like my simple view of Science. I have faith that God created the earth as the scriptures tell and I am amazed when I look around and see the beautiful world around me. I just don't care to understand how it all came to pass. Is that bad? I have other things that keep me up at night.

One of those things that keeps me up at nights lately is my oldest daughter, Mataia. She has decided that she is going to do the Pole Vault in track this year. Originally when she started talking about it a few months ago, I thought it would be fine. Now that it's here and staring me (and her) in the face, I'm having a little anxiety over it. I was watching a video of some pole vaulters this morning and it really scared me. Quite frankly, it looks terrifying to me. The anxiety is only mine and she feeds off of it. So I'm going to try and keep it to myself. The more I express my concern, the more she wants to prove to me that she can do it. She is her father's daughter! There will be many more prayers on her behalf as she starts this new adventure. Who knows - maybe she'll be the next Stacy Dragila?

Here's a little video of Stacy and maybe you parents will see why I have some anxiety.


As I thought about the hand of God in my life yesterday, I thought about how nervous I was to send my girls to Madison last fall. After much fasting and prayer and several visits to the temple, I knew in my heart that it was the right thing to do. My biggest fear was that my kids would make good friends. I knew they would adjust as far as school went, but friends are so influential in life! They both had some really good friends at South Fremont (who they still love) and we wanted them to have the same at Madison. I wanted them to find some friends who would not lead them down the wrong path. I know that it's only been a few months, but I feel like that prayer has been answered. Both Mataia and Morgan have made some very good friends and I'm so thankful for that. As I picked Mataia up from school yesterday, one of her friends got in the car with us and I felt very strongly that she was an answer to those prayers. I love how God uses other people to answer our prayers!

This is Morgan and her friend, Heaven. Yes, Morgan has every bow she has ever made or owned in her hair. (This is what she gets for using my computer to take her picture. :)

Now off to get some homework done and plan Cub Scouts for this afternoon.

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