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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Not My Best Day!

Well, today started out a little rough. For reasons, that I will not disclose, we had "one of those mornings" at our house- before we even had breakfast! So I'm pretty sure that at least half the family left the house half in tears or at least upset. That's not a great way to start the day. After a long morning of studying and homework, I got Kace off to school and then got ready to go have a little "me" time.

I met my good friend, Jenny at Applebee's for lunch and got to love on her beautiful baby for about an hour! There's nothing like a little baby! I could just snuggle them all day! I had a great time catching up and laughing with Jenny! I was reminded why friends are important in this life! We couldn't do it alone. So lunch was great - right until we stood up to leave! I had been holding her sleeping little baby in my arms for the last hour or so and as I started to buckle her in her car seat, the restaurant manager approached us. He started making small talk with us and then he asked me, "Is this your first grandchild?"

GRANDCHILD? Really? Did I just hear him correctly??? He is lucky I didn't follow my instinct, which was to jump up and punch him right in the nose! Seriously? Do I look that much older than Jenny? Do I look like I could be a grandma? Now don't get my wrong. I have nothing against grandma's. In fact I love them dearly and I hope to be one - SOMEDAY!! When I'm old enough to be a one! This was not really what I needed to hear today. I've really been struggling lately with the fact that I'm getting older and that I'll be closer to 40 than 30 in a week! My face is filling up with wrinkles, and other "fun" things are happening that come with getting older and I DON"T LIKE IT! I've vowed to fight it and thought I was doing OK, until today. I'm just not sure what it's going to take to get that out of my head. I can still hear it ringing over and over. GRANDCHILD, GRANDCHILD, grandchild! Agh! I'm not sure I'm going to be able to sleep tonight. I'll probably have that dream again....the one where I look in the mirror and my face is practically falling off with wrinkles and my boobs are sagging clear down to my waist!

I'll close with this little poem...
Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my shape to keep.
Please no wrinkles, please no bags
And please life my butt before it sags.
Please no age spots, please no gray.
And as for my belly, please take it away!
Please keep me healthy, please keep me young
And help Jeff remember why I am "the one!"

Oh, by the way, Mark (Jenny's husband) just texted me and asked me when I wanted to see my "granddaughter" again! Very funny, Mark!

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