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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cowboy Up!

Chad and Kace are on Spring Break this weekend. They wanted to go help my dad brand, tag and vaccinate his cows. They were so excited! They love to work with Grandpa. Chad finally got to wear the chaps he got for his birthday in August. It was a chilly day, so they had to dress warm. I dropped them off in the morning and then I brought lunch back around noon. I fully expected Kace to want to come home with me at that time. Boy, was I wrong. There was no leaving for that kid until all the work was done. I'm thankful my dad has the patience to let my boys come and learn to work. Chad and Kace both got a whip to prod the cows through the chute to meet their fate. They loved it!

Here's my two little cowboys. Cutest cowboys I've ever seen!
These calves were waiting for their turn in the chute. After they got through with all the cows, they branded the new calves. Sad. There's nothing like the smell of branding cows - and it's not a pleasant smell.
These two pictures show how a cow gets a pedicure. Hmm...Not my idea of pampering. I guess you do what ya gotta do.

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