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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Sports in Idaho....ugh!

Don't get me wrong, I love watching my kids in their activities. But this darn weather has GOT to turn around. I don't know how many track meets and ball games I can endure in this cold, windy and wet weather. Blankets and winter coats are constantly in our car the past few weeks.
This is a pic of Mataia high jumping at her meet last week. She would bundle up in between every jump just to stay warm. We were sitting on the grass huddled in blankets watching.
This is the only picture, I could bring myself to take of Chad's first baseball game on Tuesday. I was too cold to leave the warm of my chair and blanket. He did pretty good. He hit a triple on his second at bat and ran with lightning speed! He is such a mini-Jeff. It cracks me up. I just love that kid. Mataia spent most of the game sitting in the car because it was so cold. She emerged when the Jamba guy (in the banana suit) showed up, in the hopes that he was going to be giving out samples. Jamba Juice is Chad's team sponsor.

I love nothing more than watching a baseball or softball game while soaking up some rays. So we are hoping the 10 day forecast turns around shortly! Chad's game got cancelled tonight due to rain, wind and lightning. Morgan started practicing softball this week. Kace doesn't start t-ball until June. But he is the cutest little bat boy you've ever seen! This weekend is my mom's Easter Egg Hunt for the boys, volleyball for Morgan and the Tiger Grizz Track Meet for Mataia. Never a dull moment. In spite of the weather, life is good.

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